Owner/Nail Artist/Educator  


Stacey-Dee had a dream for many years to open her own salon and through much devotion and commitment, her dream became a reality in 2016. With 17 years in the industry and winning MANY competitions, she has perfected her technique and learnt amazing skills. With great attention to detail, Stacey-Dee is an expert in creating advanced/extreme nail art. Recently she has decided to share her knowledge, partnering with Planet Nails offering in depth courses to help educate other aspiring artists. 

Nail Artist/Supervisor


Rachel has been creating phenomenal nail designs for 4 years and recently award winning , her art speaks for itself. Rachel specialises in advanced nail art and enjoys long nail designs the most. With her love for all things creepy, she adds a diverse art style to the team.  

Nail Artist 


Jamie has over 15 years experience in the industry. With her extensive knowledge and and passion, she is able to create any nail however she loves to create simple yet beautiful, classic acrylic nails and French Ombre the most. 

Zoe has been in the industry for 2 years. In this time she has confidently established her self as a gifted artist in the industry with her love for creating beautiful nails. She specialises in soft gel extensions but also is talented in basic/advanced nail art. 

Nail Artist 


Jordan has been in the industry for 4 and a half years. She loves all aspects of nails and really enjoys our new amazing service, Soft Gel extensions. Jordan loves trying new and different things to help bring her clients ideas to life. 

Nail Artist 


Cheyenne has recently joined our team as our amazing receptionist. She is a Diploma qualified specialist makeup artist and has almost finished her Certificate III in Nail Technology. She is always helping the girls with pedicures and removals. Say hi next time you're in.